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What do you get for the money?

April 26, 2012

So, what do you get for the money? That was my first question, and it’s an important question!

My understanding is that you will get, over the course of the 8 weeks, the following:

A duffel bag containing a book that explains the program, as well as a few odds and ends such as resistance bands, a mixer bottle, etc…
8weeks worth of UltraMeal shakes and fish oil supplements
Twice weekly chiropractic adjustments (16 total)
Twice weekly session with a personal trainer (16 total)
Once weekly full body massage (8 total)
Consultation with and guidance from a nutritionist
Bloodwork before beginning and after completion of the 8 weeks
Possibly before and after X-rays although I am not sure if that is part of the program, or something I am getting due to my ongoing treatment of my spinal injury.

There may be things I missed but those are the biggies. When you consider what you would pay just for the chiropractic care, personal training, and massages, its not actually a bad deal, especially if your insurance pays some.

I read the book already, and while I won’t say exactly what it says, since I am sure it is proprietary, the general gist is that the program aims to teach you how to make healthy choices on your own, so that you have the knowledge necessary not just to know you should, but also WHY you should.

The program puts you on a healthy meal regimen. I wouldn’t call it a “diet” because from what I can see, I certainly won’t ever go hungry! You eat three healthy meals and two UltraMeal shakes a day, and its not actually a very low calorie diet. With the diet alone you would probably lose a little weight, but the program puts a lot of emphasis on exercise, which is where the real benefits are.

Basically, you eat a healthy and nutritionally complete diet, and you exercise. Oh, and of course you get a massage every week (how great is that!) and regular chiropractic care, and you are also taught to meditate and deal with stress in a constructive manner.


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