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Day 3

May 9, 2012

Well, day one was a good day. The personal training session was fun but challenging. For the first two weeks, I will do an upper body workout one day and a lower body the other, and an abdominal workout every time. Each session begins with 20 minutes of cardio for a warmup.

Yesterday I had my first massage. The therapist focused on my shoulders, neck, and back, and I have to say, I had no idea just how sore and tense I was until she went to work on my muscles! The massage ranged from pleasant to downright painful at times, but afterward, I felt great. I am looking forward to next weeks massage!

So today is day three, and I am scheduled to get an adjustment and then my second training session. Today we do lower body and abs. My abs are quite sore from the first time already!

These workouts are mostly things I can do at home, too. They provided me with a set of resistance bands for home use, and most of the exercises use either the bands or your own body weight. I was very skeptical of what kind of workout you could really get from a glorified rubber band, but it turns out, those bands are just as much effort to use as traditional weights!

The worst part for me, is that right now I can’t eat carbs. My energy level was so low at the end of the first day, that on day two, I ate a small snack of Kashi cereal mid morning, and that helped my energy level tremendously. I have also gone to mixing the ultra meal shakes with skim milk, instead of water, which gives me a little carbs. Yes, I know I’m not following the diet strictly by doing this, but then, I also am not all that concerned about the weight loss. If I only lose a pound a week, I will be fine with that. I am far more concerned with getting healthy, improving my strength and fitness.


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